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What Does a Communication Intermediary Do?

A Communication Intermediary:

  • Conducts a communication assessment to determine what the person needs to understand questions and to communicate his or her responses. Assessment may involve investigating the person’s understanding of different types of questions, time concepts, emotions and feeling words, and ability to tell a story. It might involve exploring the need for communication aids such as visual calendars, body maps, pictures and objects.
  • Writes a report on the person’s communication abilities and documents any required communication aids and supports
  • Explains the person’s communication needs to justice professionals and what the person needs to communicate effectively within the justice process.
  • When supporting a victim, witness or accused person in court, attends the Voire Dire to discuss ground rules and get the court’s prior approval to use recommended communication strategies and aids
  • Provides communication aides and direct communication support within all stages of the justice process. Examples include suggesting ways to ask questions that the person can understand, using strategies to maintain the person’s attention and focus on a specific topic, providing visual supports to assist the person’s to understand and respond to questions.

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