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Dorian Lester - Guilty of Association

The following is a letter from Thomas Prescott, head of the U.S. Secret Service
security detail for First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton: 

text of the letter...

Thomas Prescott
4201 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20010



Thanks again for helping our Secret Service throughout the First Lady's visit to Ms. Kluge's home. In addition, thank you for helping me get into the apt. when needs be. 

I recently was on another advance detail in Maine, so I apologize for the tardiness of this letter. 

Hopefully everything is back to normal and taking care of the women doesn't pose too much of a problem each day. There are those times when I understand how it is. 

Incidentally, you should be receiving a formal letter from the White House some time in the next three weeks. I hope it is everything you desired and expected. Take care of yourself. 


Thomas Prescott

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