CAJ Team

Barbara Collier

Barbara Collier is Executive Director of Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships-Canada. She is a Speech Language Pathologist and has extensive experience working with people who have complex communication disabilities. She has managed many projects relating to communication accessibility to justice services. Barbara is the author of a number of publications and educational resources and is a Fellow of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Pamela Cross

Pamela Cross is a feminist lawyer who works with women experiencing violence. One of her areas of expertise is in developing plain language legal information. She has worked extensively with women from marginalized communities, including women with disabilities and Deaf women, in the development of these materials. Pamela is the Legal Director of Luke's Place Resource and Support Centre for Women and Children, which offers legal support to women who have left abusive relationships and who are dealing with family court.

Fran Odette

Fran Odette is Program Manager of the Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women's Program at Education Wife Assault. She has been working in the violence against women movement for approximately 18 years, with a particular focus on issues impacting women with disabilities and Deaf women. Fran has presented and written on issues related to gender, disability, sexuality and body image for people with disabilities and service providers across the province. Fran brings a wealth of knowledge and skill on issues related to working within an anti-oppression framework and is excited about working from a collaborative place with communities.

Colin Phillips

Colin Phillips was born with cerebral palsy and uses augmentative communication. He holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto and is Principal of Rowan Tree Solutions, a political consulting and communications firm. Colin's passion is the eradication of poverty and affordable housing. He currently serves on the Executive of the 40th General Council of the United Church of Canada and is active in the labour movement.

Laurie Graham

Laurie Graham is a Speech Language Pathologist and has experience working with people with complex communication disabilities. Her work with adults who use high tech and low tech augmentative communication technologies and strategies has fueled a passion for promoting communicative access to the justice system.