What is a Communication Intermediary

A communication intermediary works within a legal or justice setting and supports people who have speech and language disabilities to:

  • Communicate their messages as accurately, completely as possible
  • Understand questions that they are asked
A communication intermediary can assist a person who has unclear speech, or who uses pictures, letters or a communication device. In addition, they may assist someone whose disability affects how they understand or process what others are saying.

A CDAC certified communication intermediary is a Speech Language Pathologist who has additional training to work within legal and justice contexts.

Communication Intermediary Services   

CDAC provides communication intermediary services to assist people with speech and language disabilities communicating in legal and justice situations.

This service is currently limited to the Toronto area.

Contact us at: [email protected]
Tel. # 416-444-9532

Communication Intermediary Training   

CDAC offers:

  • Communication intermediary services in Ontario
  • Certified training programs for Speech Language Pathologists
  • Communication intermediary registry
  • Communication access resources
  • Education for police, lawyers, victim services and justice professionals

For more information contact us at: [email protected]

Communication Intermediaries across Canada   

To join start up planning meetings for CDAC Communication Intermediary Programs:

Alberta Contact Margo Till-Rogers
British Columbia Contact Anne MacCallum
OntarioContact CDAC

Contact us if you are interested in starting up Communication Intermediary Services in your province.