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Personal and Professional Background
(or... How to get indicted)

Dorian Lester, a professional lead guitar player and paramedic, was perhaps not an obvious choice for recruitment and training as a bodyguard to one of the world's richest men, John W. Kluge. Yet within the space of a couple of years, he had become personal head of security for Kluge's wife, Patricia Kluge, and, in the wake of the Kluge's subsequent divorce, accompanied her to New York City, where he lived in an apartment next to hers at the Waldorf towers.

Dorian's exceptional wit, and particularly his ability to listen to people, had much to do with his appointment. But what he heard, and observed, had much to do with his ultimate misfortune.

For ten years, he paced the corridors of power, and thus became silent witness to Patricia Kluge's flirtations with politics and politicians, business and businessmen... to her connection with the Clinton Administration then in power, including her aggressive fundraising on behalf of the Democratic party... and to her personal relationship with the Clintons, particularly Hillary, and a whole circle of the wealthy and media elite.

Patricia Kluge had been a belly dancer in Baghdad, and a former porn actress (featured in Penthouse magazine in 1992), who rose to the vertiginous heights of power through her marriage to, and then quite lucrative divorce settlement from, John W. Kluge.

Over the years Dorian had kept a scrapbook-like box of papers, letters, photos, and audio and video tapes (recorded at Mrs. Kluge's request). Among other things, the contents of this box bore testimony to the mechanics of political fundraising in exchange for favors... not to mention Mrs. Kluge's sexual proclivities (none too savory).

Dorian had indeed become indispensible to Mrs. Kluge in more ways than one... he had become a confidant... sometime physician... a shoulder to cry on... an escort... and the relationship (as well as continued employment) took a more personal turn, on her initiative.

But then... in December 1996, while on a trip to West Palm Beach, Florida (accompanying the Kluge's young son for a holiday visit to his father), Dorian Lester met, and fell utterly in love with, another woman. Eventually Dorian would decide to accompany her back to England, where she lived... and thus end his long service to Mrs. Kluge.

The announcement of his decision to leave precipitated dramatic developments, and Mrs. Kluge took the unusual step of having her own bodyguard's rooms watched... so she could ascertain the level of his involvement with the other woman.

But things took a far more sinister turn after that...

In 1997, while in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in the process of finalizing a divorce from his estranged wife, Dorian was arrested and charged, on entirely circumstantial evidence, with murdering a longtime associate of his, George Moody, a Virginia jeweler. Dorian, who had acquired a reputation as a wheeler-dealer, had traded oriental swords, loose gems, and scrap gold with Moody (and countless other dealers).

By this time Dorian had been in the process of setting up a security business in Europe, and a home there, in the UK, with his new love. In order to divest himself of untransporatable belongings (for one thing guns, having been part of his trade, were illegal in England and could not be taken along), he had left his weapons with a police officer so that they could be sold. This policeman, Rob Heide, had trained with Dorian... and also worked part-time security for Mrs. Kluge.

It later emerged that officer Heide was instrumental in setting Dorian up, and implicating him in the murder of George Moody, by leaving a single law-enforcement ammunition shell casing at the murder scene - from the very weapon he had been entrusted by Dorian with selling. The police records reflect the fact that officer Heide had actually inquired as to whether the shell casing could be traced back to a particular ammunition box (his!), before pointing the finger at Dorian (a circumstance which was later seized upon and used by attorneys for Dorian's co-defendant... who, unlike Dorian, but on the same evidence, was acquitted).

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