Thomas K. Hogge v. ACRJ


Charlottesville, Virginia Jail Sued by Inmate!

At long last, this infamous institution has got a taste of its own medicine.

Thomas K. Hogge, former inmate, has filed a multiple lawsuit against a number of employees, including Warden John Isom. As could be expected, some of his claims have been thrown out, but - surprise! - others have been upheld.

Hogge has alleged "denial or delay of adequate medical or psychiatric treatment or unequal treatment of inmates' medical needs; denial or delay of dental treatment; housing assignment retaliation; claims concerning telephone calls".

The following defendants will have action against them upheld: Mr. Beauford, Sgt. Trader, Ms. Battle, Lt. Rodriguez, Captain Wells.

For the present time, John Isom, Major Duncan, the Virginia DOC, Linda Barr, Judy Roach, unnnamed doctors, Buck Myland, Mr. Barnabie, Mr. Kumer, Dr. Moody, Mitchell E. Newman and "other members of the Reg. Jail Authority, and unknown VDOC jail inspectors", have been left off the hook.

Why stop there?!

Tom Hogge provided an April 2000 update on this case as follows...

The following is the defendants' case, that those individuals against whom action has been upheld, argue NOT that the action is erroneous in content, but that the state of VA does not guarantee inmates copies of legal documents.

Tom Hogge retorts that since lock down in the jail meant a virtual bar from the law library (and all common parts of the jail), he was effectively denied access to it - photocopies being his only means of obtaining legal material.

The defendants also claim IMMUNITY. That is to say, We did what we have been accused of, but we are not accountable.

There is an appendix to the above extraordinary defense - it claims that the Charlottesville jail sports an adequate law library.

The writer of this article can confirm the exact opposite, having experienced asinine rules and humiliation for its own sake for several months there.

In summary, the Commonwealth of VA has two "books"... one is "the law for the rich" and reasonably upheld; the other is the book of "the law for all poor bastards who have no deep pockets or good old boy network connections to make a difference".


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