A C C E S S    T O    J U S T I C E
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President G.W.Bush in his first address to Congress:
"Too many of our citizens have cause to doubt our nation's justice."

The "Access to Justice" campaign is dedicated
to the fundamental right to impartial justice.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE (www.access-to-justice.org) is an independent research organization, seeking out, questioning, and redressing instances of human and civil rights violations and wrongful convictions. Our intention is to be a whistle-blower in cases where abuse of authority or corruption are evident, and to ensure that access to justice is not predicated upon an ability to afford it. 

The right to adequate legal representation regardless of material means is fundamental to civilized society. It is a right constantly challenged and often violated... as is the principle of presumed innocence. 

The press is often instrumental in exposing injustice and corruption... but this is not enough. In order to make a greater difference, a specifically dedicated and vocal lobby group is needed, as well as more research and access to legal resources. We highlight cases that merit public scrutiny, and invite opinions, articles, and professional assistance from attorneys, lawmakers, legal experts, paralegals, researchers, investigators, and journalists. 

We are a non-profit organization, privately funded, and donations make a great deal of difference to our work and to the individual cases listed on this website. If you would care to sponsor... 

- an individual victim of inadequate legal representation
- an investigation
- an article
- the cost of running this campaign

...please, contact us, or use the i-Charity link provided below. 

Highlighted Cases

The Dorian Lester Fund

1997 - removal of court-appointed attorneys denied
1998 - motion to retain a private attorney denied
1998 - motion to declare a mistrial on the basis of withheld evidence and disagreeing with the attorneys'defense strategy - denied
1999 - motion for a new trial on the basis of conflicting evidence denied
2000 - clerical error puts right to appeal in jeopardy

Tom Hogge v. ACRJ


Recent News and Articles

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investigative report by T. Statoff

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The Human Rights Act
becomes law in the U.K.
(Times article by David Pannick)

Germany v. U.S.A.
International Court of Justice
- latest news on the Nov. 2000 trial in
The Hague over U.S. violation
of the Vienna Convention

Do they shoot prisoners in Virginia?
David Baugh, Larry Traylor, and
Human Rights Watch
(interviewed by Theodora Statoff)

California Dept. of Corrections
Knowingly Breeding Violence
Article by Floyd D. Bailey
Pelican Bay State Prison

Researching the Jurisprudence of
the Inter-American Commission
on Human Rights
Article by Richard J. Wilson

Lawmakers - Or Lawbreakers?
Article by Robert Moore

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