A California Inmate Speaks

The California Department of Corrections (CDC)
knowingly Breeding Violence

by Floyd Bailey

In Oregon police officers shot and killed a man recently in the parking lot of the police station because he was holding a cell phone. The police officers thought it was a gun. In California a hand full of officers shot and killed a woman sleeping in her car. You hear these stories throughout the good old U.S.A. You hear how police officers shoot and kill innocent victims all because the officer felt threatened and could not take the chance of trusting these victims enough to see what they had in their hands or wait to see what the victim would do when she woke up. A police officer distrusts all situations and acts violently if he feel it is necessary to protect himself and others even if it means killing innocent victims.

React first, think second. That is survival. They get paid to react and distrust because at times they cannot trust that person not to hurt them. They donít hate the victim that they hurt, shoot or kill. They do it out of fear and distrust of being hurt by that person.

When a citizen of California or of the U.S. distrusts someone or a situation they call the police, leave the area or face it and hope they don't become a victim, but they have a choice. They can move, run, get away from and call people they know who will help... but what does an inmate in the California prison system do when he is forced to live in a 30 yard area with others he cannot trust or those who do not trust him? He cannot go anywhere. He cannot run away. He cannot go to the guard because the prison staff put him there and he cannot call the police. He has no place to go yet is forced to live in an area full of distrust.

If an inmate gets in trouble he goes to segregation housing (the hole). Before anyone in segregation can go to yard he is taken to classification. At this time classification looks at his file to see what yard to allow the person to go to. Yards are Whites and Southern Mexicans, Blacks and Northern Mexicans, Protective Custody and at some places general population. It is the same in the SHU program (Security Housing Unit).

The reason inmates must first go to classification and get assigned to a yard for 10 hours a week is because blacks and whites have a long history of attacking each other. Southern Mexicans and Northern Mexicans have a long history of attacking each other. So to just put all inmates together on an AdSeg yard or to put blacks and whites together on an AdSeg yard or to put Southern Mexicans and Northern Mexicans together on an AdSeg yard will promote violence.

I am not a protective custody inmate so I cannot go to a protective custody yard. The last time I was assigned to a general population AdSeg yard was in 1994. There was a fight between 3 blacks and me. What I am trying to say is the prison knows that when some inmates are placed on the yard together there will be a fight. The fights are not because the races hate each other but because they cannot trust each other. All this is proven by years of violence between the races.

All of this shows that if the officials know there will be violence in AdSeg or SHU programs then they can segregate inmates from other races. In General Population an inmate lives in a 30 yard area, plus day rooms and cells with a cell mate. You are with 50 to 100 different inmates of different races. Through the years you have been attacked by or have attacked them. So an inmate lives hourly with a great deal of fear and distrust. Every time the cell door opens, every time you walk to work, school, visits, yard, day room, every time you go to use the phone you feel this distrust and fear of other races. An inmate is full of paranoia, a delusion of persecution for the color of your skin and fear of attack. Living like this for months one learns to survive by becoming a person always looking for something that is wrong and regardless of what it is he will attack. His only protection is to attack before being attacked, just like the police officers I spoke of earlier. The guards know inmates live in constant fear of being attacked by other races but they refuse to segregate by race in general population because they cannot control thousands of inmates by doing this like they do in AdSeg or the SHU. So the race wars go on. Violence in general population continues.

In ADSeg or the SHU an inmate only gets close to a guard if he is handcuffed, leg shackled or in some kind of restraints before the cell door opens. If an inmate gets hostile or aggressive in his cell they have 20 to 50 guards come in and get the inmate and they don't worry about who else sees it because an inmate cannot get close to a guard. However, in general population inmates walk side by side with guards. So if an inmate does not like how a guard beat his friend he might attack the guard. So the violence perpetrated on inmates in AdSeg or the SHU is not done in general population. It is known that if an inmate is aggressive or hostile he will attack someone of another race before he will attack a guard. This is because the inmate fears other races not the guards in general population.

CDC wants people to believe that the inmates are violent, it's the inmates who want to fight and that no way can CDC segregate inmates to stop the violence. (Is it the police officer's fault for killing or shooting innocent victims? Does the officer want or mean to hurt or kill these victims? Are the officers violent and filled with hate?) No. They just live life filled with distrust.

So instead of segregation by races in general population like they do in AdSeg or the SHU, when a race war breaks out they lock the races up in their cells and every so often they release a handful of the warring inmates, picking those they wish to pick, and pull them out of their cells and put them on the yard. If they attack each other these inmates go to AdSeg and if they don't attack each other they release all inmates back to yard. This lockdown and release can go on for months because if an inmate is placed on a yard with a race he is warring with those of that race distrust him and he distrusts them so they attack each other again. If an inmate upsets a guard or makes a guard angry his cell door is the first one to unlock to go out and see if the two races will attack each other. So an inmate could be years disciplinary free, his door is opened and he is right in the violent mix. If he stays in his cell his cell mate will attack him because he is afraid to go out and fight the other race. If both the inmate and his cell mate don't go out then both will be attacked when the lockdown is over by their own race for being afraid to go out and fight. So no matter what, during these race wars an inmate will attack or be attacked. The guards know it because it has been going on for decades. They want the inmates to take their aggressiveness out on other inmates not on them.

Inmates in a race war do not hate each other. They lack trust because of the long-standing wars. CDC knows as the police know that when you can't trust a person whoever first acts violently will most likely be the one who is safe. When this is done in prison you are sent to AdSeg. There you are less likely to be attacked by other races because there you are on segregated yards. However, by going to AdSeg or the SHU, the safer places in prison, you give up school, your job, job training, good time to release early, phone calls, contact visits. It is your only choice if you want a little safety in prison.

As we know CDC controls all its prisons. The wardens and guards run those prisons controlling everything right down to the paper and pen I write with, the toothbrush I use, the tooth powder I use, the soap and toilet paper, the food I eat, who can visit me to whom I live in a cell with or who lives in the cell next to me, to the power that turns on my lights, to the canteen I can have, to the packages I receive or the books I receive, to the movies I watch, the schooling I get or the job or job training that is available, to the yard I go to, to the water I drink or flush the toilets with, to the letters I get, to the mail I send out, to all the CDC rules. They control everything in prison. Yet the only power they have during a race war in general population is to continue releasing the warring inmates to the yard till they stop fighting and until that happens keep them locked down. They allow the wars to go on and at times pick the specific inmates to go out. I believe they do this for the protection of the guards. For why segregate inmates in ADSeg or the SHU yet let the general population war and fight with each other? Why when they have all the power and all the control? Forcing inmates to live in a 30 yard area together with no protection when they don't trust each other and after decades of proof of this, they are allowing violence and creating violence. This violence eventually gets released to the State of California. Stop the violence in prison and you stop it all the way around.

God used Job to show Satan's evil heart. Job was just a man living in a world. God needed to see the evil in Satan's heart. (Job 1,2) I beg of you to let the inmate violence show the evil in CDC and it's guards. How can they control everything yet blame the inmates for the violence. Put the blame where it belongs, 1) to the distrust of inmates who are forced to live together and 2) on the guards who can segregate in adSeg and SHU programs yet allow the violence to go on in the general population. Some say we prisoners live in a country club. I say all those police officers who kill innocent people because they live in distrust are living in a country club lifestyle.

Floyd D. Bailey
Pelican Bay State Prison
Crescent City, CA 95532.

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