The Dorian Lester Fund is dedicated to the plight of one man who has been wrongfully accused and imprisoned for life in the state of Virginia. Not only having to endure a "media trial", he was a victim as well of both the parochial self-interest of local politics and the obstructive treachery of wealth-enhanced connections.

A former bodyguard, Dorian Lester had paced the corridors of power with those he protected during the years of the Clinton administration. By thus coming into possession of too many scandalous and potentially explosive private secrets, he paid a price when he decided in 1997 to leave the heady world of wealth, power, and political fundraising.

Dorian Lester, as an educated white male, clearly does not represent the traditional "victimized minority" oft-championed by the popular press and promoted by American political correctness.

Nonetheless, all odds are stacked against him as he fights for his life in a maximum security prison in Virginia... a state not known for enlightened justice despite its Jeffersonian tradition.

The following links provide further background and details of this astonishing story:

Personal and professional background
(how to get indicted)

The Hillary Clinton connection

Political boudoir

Trial and court appointed (mis)representation
A brief aperçu

Dorian's trial address to Judge Swett

Post-trial injustice

To make a donation to Dorian Lester's commissary fund, please send a postal money order to:

Dorian Lester
Sussex 1 State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, VA 23891-1111

To sponsor his continuing legal defense and appeal,
a donation in any amount may be made through


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