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Job description

A communication intermediary is a Speech Language Pathologist with additional training, who assists people with communication disabilities when interacting with police, legal or justice professionals.
Communication intermediaries work in a variety of settings such as during police investigations, while giving testimony in court, communicating at a human rights tribunal, participating in a legal capacity evaluation or discussing legal issues with lawyers.

Employment Information

Similar to sign language interpreters, communication intermediaries are contracted by police, lawyers, victim witness services, court accessibility coordinators, judges, crowns and other justice professionals.

Communication Intermediaries

  • Holds a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Are eligible for membership in national / provincial speech-language pathology associations and / or colleges
  • Adhere to CDAC’s national practice standards and code of ethics for communication intermediaries
  • Are listed on CDAC’s roster of communication intermediaries
  • Work independently and are solely accountable for their services
  • Negotiate their fees with the end-user (e.g. police, lawyer or justice professional), including all time, travel, documentation and related activities

CDAC provides:

  • National practice standards, code of ethics, and resources
  • Training for communication intermediaries
  • Online roster of communication intermediaries
  • Education for police, legal and justice professionals, and people with speech and/or language disabilities

Professional Opportunity

As police, legal and justice services implement accessibility legislation, they will increasingly seek professionals to assist them in communicating with people who have communication disabilities.

CDAC training and resources prepares Speech Language Pathologists to support people communicating in these settings while protecting the integrity of their communication, testimony or evidence.

This training opens up opportunities for Speech Language Pathologists in increasing accessibility for people with communication disabilities.

Training Schedule